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Color Me Beautiful – Choose your Wedding Color Scheme

You just got engaged and are excited to plan your big day in your hometown of Phoenix. You want every detail of your wedding to reflect the personalities of you and your fiancé, from the dress to the shoes to the flowers to the favors. Therefore, it is important to choose a color scheme from the start so that all involved in the wedding complement each other.

Wedding color schemes are very important because they set the mood for the ceremony and celebration afterward. Traditional weddings exemplify sophistication and simplicity, dictating classic white for the bride and just a few pastels for the bouquet. But with the era of modern brides, more colors were added to the color scheme.

The color scheme also works great for your wedding photos and videos. It is much better to choose bright colors as these will liven up your bridal store phoenix.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your color scheme. One way to think about it is that your wedding should reflect the personalities of both of you, so this is an excellent place to start considering the colors of your home. This serves as a guide to the best colors, both of which best describes you.

Wedding style is an important consideration when choosing a wedding color scheme. If traditional, white with red, gold, and pink accents make sense. You can have fun with lighter colors later at the reception. If you opt for more colors and textures, the colors should stay in sync with the colors of the wedding dress and bouquet. They are based on the bride’s preferences, eye and hair color, and skin tone. Bridesmaid dresses and matching shoes should be chosen from the color palette, but they should not draw the attention of the bride.

The time of year also plays a major role in your choice. Pastels are a safe choice for spring and summer. Natural greens, oranges, and purples are best in fall, and shades of gold, red, and silver work best in winter.

The location of the ceremony and reception can also affect your color scheme. Churches and chapels are usually half-dark. This can be a problem for your bridal gown if your scheme calls for darker colors. At your wedding venue, the color of the curtains and rugs dominates the space and can conflict with the color scheme you choose. It’s a good idea to plan visits to these places with your wedding planner to find ways to brighten up the venue to match the color scheme.

To help you decide, it’s helpful to create a mood board with all the colors and textures you like. You can use magazine clippings, fabric scraps, and other inspirational items.

Let your guests know the mood and theme of the wedding too. You can convey this information through your wedding invitation. A formal theme with black and tie can be displayed in an elegant and classic way Map. Your wedding card design reflects the formality of the event so it doesn’t look overwhelming.

Whatever color scheme you choose, visualize the effect and plan it well. It can be a traditional white with gold accents or a romantic red as long as you complement it with your personal style. The color scheme is sure to delight your guests’ eyes and create the desired atmosphere, be it romantic or formal.

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