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Whom do I bring back my bridal gown appointment?

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“Who do I bring back my bridal gown appointment?” an incredible question and one which will have many answers. We’re breaking down the pros and cons of all possibilities and what we recommend when it involves choosing the foremost self-expressive gown you’ll ever wear.


Bring the Important People

MOM. (And/Or Dad!) If you recognize you can’t make this big decision without your mom, wait to form a meeting once you know she will be there. We’re not getting to lie, there’s something truly special about finding your dress and it can certainly mean having the “moment.” you never know when it’d happen, so ensuring you’ve got your mom there to share that with you and witness it, is super important and something you’ll always remember.


And that goes for the important people in your life, too. If you recognize there’s someone that you simply can’t imagine choosing without, (even if that’s your fiance!) wait to form sure they’re available for your appointment and be there with you.


Careful of too many opinions

Here at Vivienne Atelier Bridal, we ask that you simply bring not quite five people. Not only is that the shop an intimate setting, but a bride can possess too many outside opinions when it involves her dress. Do remember, this is often some time, your moment, and ultimately, your decision. This dress should represent you and cause you to feel amazing! We would like our favorite people to love it, but you want to make yourself happy first and foremost.


Be mindful of the important people with too many opinions

“But what if it’s vital that I bring a particular person, but they’re extremely opinionated?” Great question! This is often ultimately your decision, but we’ve seen the negative side of this example too repeatedly to suggest it having them there. We are here for YOU and need you to possess the simplest time possible!


In this sort of situation, we will suggest that before your appointment, plow ahead and have a conversation with this person. Communication is vital. allow them to skills much you appreciate them and are excited for them to return. But also allow them to know that this is often YOUR appointment and you’re looking forward to finding a dream dress that reflects who you’re.


Don’t be afraid to return by yourself

If having certain important people at your dress appointment isn’t your thing, no worries! We’ve seen many independent brides find their dress within the store without having several guests. It allows you to believe the robe and feel your feelings about it.


And you’re not alone! We wish to consider ourselves as bridal gown fairy godmothers or surrogate best friends to you. We get even as excited as you once you find your dress and that we are so thankful to be a neighborhood of it!


There may indeed be more scenarios and answers to the present question, but these are those we hear foremost. If you are having another situation that you simply think we could help answer, we are all ears! As we said, we are here for you and can’t wait to possess you within the salon. Whether it’s with mom or the entire gang, remember that it’s 100% okay to put yourself first.


Hope to see you soon!

– Vivienne Atelier Bridal and Please check out our bridal shop phoenix.

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