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Selecting The Right Plus Size Wedding Dress

Selecting The Right Plus Size Wedding Dress 750 936 VIVIENNE ATELIER

Selecting The Right Plus Size Wedding Dress

Wedding day is the most significant day the memories of which all women would love to cherish! Selecting a perfect wedding dress would be not only daunting but also a nightmare for lots of slightly chunky women. There are not many options available for plus size wedding dresses as are available for normal wedding dresses. But, thanks to a few shops providing different sizes ranging from 20 to 44 to help women to select a perfect wedding silhouette. After all, who would like to be mockingly famous for wearing an inappropriate outfit?

To avoid disasters go through useful tips in selecting the right plus size wedding dress on your most significant day! This list has all that you have to do to choose the most appropriate attire that beautifies you, and speaks volumes of your outer self! The main drawback that cripples the choice of slightly bulky women is that they are left with only a few choices. It is time that the fashion designers shift their attention to plus size wedding dresses! This would help them pick out the most appropriate dress that draws attention to her prized possessions, at the same time, conceals some parts of her body.

Tips to select the right plus size wedding dress:

  1. Call and verify: Usually, all shops stock dresses of normal sizes. It would be a great disappointment if you pay a visit to a shop and it doesn’t have plus size wedding dress. So, ring them up to avoid an embarrassment. You can confirm whether the shop stocks bigger sizes. If they confirm, you can go there and select one of your choices.
  2. Not necessary to know your size: It is not necessary that you should know your exact size before you go shopping. Drop in to check for your size. Just ask them whether they have larger sizes. Some shops have up to 44 sizes. When you call to confirm if they say that plus size are also available, go straight away. It is for sure that you get one of your body sizes. Keep one thing in mind that as a rule wedding dresses are bigger than the ones you usually wear.
  3. Get the best salesperson: When you are in the shop, seek help from the one who is most knowledgeable among them. Clear all your doubts while seeking advice from her before going for the final one. Otherwise, get a specialist for selecting the best dress available. She will have great ideas about the ones that fit best for you.
  4. Get rid of conventional ideas: According to most of the women, A-line wedding gown would suit the occasion the most! This is the idea every girl has when she dreams of a wedding day. If you have hired the service of an expert and she advises to choose a fit and flare gown, then pull out all the stops! Who knows, perhaps that would be the best decision you have made in your life!

Types of wedding dresses: An exhaustive guide:

  1. BALL GOWN: A ball gown is a symbol of elegance and aesthetic beauty. Are you a bride to be desperately scouring store after store to get the best silhouette that will fit you perfectly? If you have a slightly big waist, don’t worry! There is a way out of it. The plus size wedding ball dress, with neatly stitched bodice along with the long flowing veil, will bring the gorgeous look to the person wearing the gown. You have various designs from a strapless ball gown that makes you look sensuous and pretty, to those which have wider sleeves with low V-neck ball gowns.
  2. Dropped waist wedding dress: Strapless silhouette with a lace bodice that hugs your waist to complete the hourglass look of your body. A satin apple body shape wedding dress with dropped waist will create curves for slightly bulky body shaped ladies. This dress beautifies your waist aesthetically. The best thing about this type of wedding dress is those with longer bodies or shorter bodies, can wear this to look like a princess on this special day!
  3. A line wedding dress: A-line wedding dress in the shape of a capital A, perfectly brings out the best bride in any woman. It can be worn for all occasions. The dress with a beautiful lace bodice with an attractive gown in layers separated by grosgrain belt to make you a gorgeous Cinderella on your big day! This will help you to move gracefully, for the music with the love of your life!
  4. Sweetheart neckline wedding dress: A sweetheart neckline wedding dress is a great way to make your bust and beautiful neckline conspicuous to capture attention. Sweetheart neckline exposes more of your bust and the flare style skirt will flow smoothly all over your body. It gives the bride a classy, chic look that any bride would love to wear it.
  5. A curve or straight neckline wedding dress: If you are a bride who doesn’t want to expose much of your cleavage, Curve or straight neckline wedding dress is an awesome outfit for you. This will suit for any kind of woman, whether she has a big figure with broad shoulders or a perfect hourglass figure.
  6. Mermaid wedding dress: Do you love to have lace and beads all over your wedding dress? The mermaid wedding dress would be a great choice for you. This would give that one attractive mermaid look to the bride to be who is searching for one perfect plus size wedding attire. This kind of wedding dress can make you look slender that you can imagine. No wonder, a lot of women prefer this kind of attire for their nuptial day!

Brides of any size can find a perfect choice if they follow the above-mentioned guidelines. If you’re looking for a plus size wedding dress in Los Angeles and Houston, then we at Vivienne Atelier will help you find dream wedding dress. Click here to book an appointment.

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