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Helpful Tips for Summer Weddings – Bridal Store Phoenix

Phoenix is ​​becoming a popular wedding location for some couples. They take advantage of the warm weather in the city, especially during fall and winter. This is a truly magical place to host your wedding with lots of unique and special venues to choose from. The lush desert backdrop and sunset will truly be a memorable image in your Phoenix wedding photography.

Finding the perfect venue for your wedding can be fun because there are so many venues to choose from. Phoenix boasts some of the most sophisticated and luxurious resorts in the country. Each differs in the size, landscape, and architecture of the buildings. There are magnificent views, lush gardens, and a spectacular ballroom to make your dream wedding come true.

If you ever decide to get married in this magical place, be warned that the pleasant weather may be temporary. It would have been nice in December, but hot in August. Preparation is the key to a dream wedding. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a warm summer wedding in Phoenix.

– Apply lots and lots of sunscreen. If your wedding ceremony takes place in a sun-facing venue, it is advisable to apply sufficient sunscreen and provide your guests with UV400 sunglasses.

-Shadow is very important, especially to place the bride and groom in the ceremony. Find some shade or rent an umbrella for your guests. You should also avoid choosing a ceremony location that faces directly into the sun.

– Also ideal for arranging weddings at a later time, e.g. B. Afternoon to get better lighting for your Phoenix wedding photography.

– Provide ice-cold drinking water for guests at one or two locations. It’s good if you can assign someone to walk around and offer it to guests.

– It is important that the bride wears a towel. Add this accessory to your wedding dress. With this ornament you can discreetly pat your face during the wedding ceremony.

– Avoid strenuous activities. Don’t do everything on your wedding day. If possible, arrange the preparations the night before or early on the day of the wedding.

– Consider renting a portable evaporative cooler. This will be a source of calm and cool air.

– Use an antiperspirant that works well in very hot weather. It is also recommended to bring extra underwear so you can change after the ceremony before going to the reception.

– Create a detailed checklist of everything that happens during the wedding ceremony. You need to make sure that you have enough time for all aspects of the wedding.

If you’ve already planned your wedding on a warm day in Phoenix, do not worry. Keep these tips in mind and think of other creative ways you can prepare for this warm weather. Pay attention to the needs of your guests and come up with a reasonable plan so that you can all enjoy the special day.
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