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Vivienne Atelier brides is a bridal store founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, CA with our very own collection line. Our exclusive line of dresses are created and designed by our very own our design team that can definitely cater to all your wedding dress needs.

Our design team is constantly on the road looking for new inspiration from the latest trends, hence, our designs are updated regularly every season! 

We strive to offer every bride to be that visits our store with an unforgettable and luxurious chandelier experience .

We don't carry any other brands as we are a wedding dress workshop working with our very own professional design team! Most importantly, because of this we are able to do some modifications and custom size the dress to your body proportion and length, minimizing the alteration work needed later! 

All our new dresses price range is between $1500- $4000. All in store dresses can be sold OFF the RACK “ As it is “ condition which will be at a discounted price range of between 30%-60% off from original price, starting from $1000.

Please check out our brides gallery from our Instagram @vivienneatelier , or like our facebook page!