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1. You will receive a text message 1-2 days before your appointment day: please kindly reply the text message to confirm or cancel your appointment or our system will automatically cancel or reschedule your appointment without your text confirmation within 12 days. 2. Each appointment is scheduled for 75 minutes after your bridal group check in.If you are running late feel free to text or call us! We deserve the right to cancel or reschedule an appointment if bride is more than 15 minutes late or your appointment time may be cut short. 3. You can bring a maximum of 4 people with you if you didn't specified special request in appointment. Our maximum group can be up to 6 people which you will need to let us know upfront when you make your appointment. 4. We offer in house alteration ONLY in our Los Angeles location. If you do alteration with us , you will need to allocate at least 1 Month time for your alteration. 5. If you are looking at your dresses with less then 6 months prior to your wedding date, it will incur additional expedite fees for new order dress. However, the earliest we can do will be 3 months. For brides less than 4 months time frame prior to the wedding. We will recommend OF THE RACK dresses. 6. We strike for 100% satisfaction, feel free to contact us at info@vivienneatelier.com should you wish o leave any comments or your visit so we can improve and strike for Excellency.

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