Vivienne Atelier label was established and created in the year of 2014,in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles Fashion district. Our founders believe that every woman should have access to affordable top quality wedding dresses.This business establishment was already planned and managed to turn itself into a chain brand alongside with a proven successful bridal business pattern. From our online sale to now retail stores across United States, we have found a proven way to create investors’ success and brides happy as for a win-win.

Coupled in both knowledge and expertise from not only direct dress production from our Atelier, but also experience and knowledge from retail stores management sales. We managed to successfully connect production to sales in the most direct way such as to save wholesale middleman process cost. This in turn are able to give the maximum benefit to all our Franchise investors, plus with our proven custom business plan by different location and consumer ends, we custom your business plan to help ensure that you can enjoy a return to investment within a short period of time.

Our passionate design team are able to read our store dress dress appointment reports daily in order to gather a deeperunderstanding of brides preferences and feedback so that we can continuously strive to develop new and better design to cater to the store customers.

We update our design at least 4 seasons per year, always working to maintain only the most sell-able design, asthis is part of of our special sales strategiesto minimize stock cost, only in Vivienne Atelier.

Vivienne Atelier believe in investing heavily on marketing and branding and what franchise store owner focus on is just the customer service and easy going retail store management.

We welcome you to be part of Vivienne Atelier team. You will be impressed by our years of developed management system: coupled with product data analysis from real store reports, which have indicators of dress selling point and their order rate. 

As a Franchise owner of Vivienne Atelier, we provideyou a fastest and Safest way to start a bridal business in proven, mature, smart management system easily, starting with a affordable investment amount.

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