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Business Partner Opportunity

Vivienne Atelier label was established and created in the year of 2014, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles Fashion district. Our founders believe that every woman should have access to affordable top quality wedding dresses. This business establishment was already planned and managed to turn itself into a chain brand alongside with a proven successful bridal business pattern. From our online sale to now retail stores across United States, we have found a proven way to create investors’ success and brides happy as for a win-win. 

As different from any other designer brands; we have our own designer team, whom aim in different dress styles fit to different consumer ends, fits to different location bridal trends. Our team study brides from our chain stores, we not only know the dresses, but also know well how brides needs and care.

Our suggested retail selling prices are from $1500 to $4000, we have different wholesale price tiers depending on how many pieces you get from us. 

We are offering different partnership plan to work with either becoming a Vivienne Atelier store owners or wholesale for retail bridal stores. You are welcome to check more details from the following in our site.

                                                                                Franchise                 Wholesale